Upholstery Cleaning: Making Sure your Furniture Stays in Tip Top Shape

After work, play, or school most residents head straight for one comforting place – their couch. This piece of the home environment is not only used daily but by several family members and for a variety of uses. It is not just the place where home inhabitants sit to visit or watch television any longer, it has become the lounging site for children and teenagers playing video games and snacking, entire families eating meals, and often a pet’s personal domain. The upholstery may be manufactured to withstand these everyday uses but like other household structures, it is imperative that they be cleaned regularly to sustain their integrity and overall beauty. In order to do this and keep that favorite couch looking like a wonderful addition to your living room rather than a battered and soiled fixture, regular vacuuming as well as cleaning is necessary. Regular vacuuming can increase the longevity of your furnishing by up to 40% and regular maintenance is imperative to remove dirt and stains that will build up over time if not addressed, becoming nearly impossible to remove. Thus, let the Premium Pro expert help you maintain the beauty of your home furnishings by cleaning these everyday fixtures. Contact Premium Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery today at 970-482-2350 for an appointment and free estimate or visit us at:  www.premiumcarpetandupholstery.com.


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