Area Rugs are the New Contemporary Flooring Accessory Must-Have

In the last several years, modern flooring trends have transitioned from carpeting to contemporary hard flooring alternatives such as decorative concrete, wood, and laminate. Homeowners are going with these options for many reasons, including their versatility, affordability, and the “awe factor” that they can create for the space. However, living in a cold weather climate can create some issues for residents choosing to use these hard flooring options in places where traditional carpeting would be.

In order to overcome these drawbacks, homeowners have purchased and strategically placed area rugs throughout their home’s flooring surfaces, thereby reducing both noise and heating issues.  However, keeping these rugs in their best condition and increasing longevity does not end with regular vacuuming. Like carpeted surfaces, area rugs need to be cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. This will raise rug fibers and allow for deep cleaning of the surface thereby reducing imbedded soils and removing allergens from the area rug. Taking time and budgeting to keep area rugs professionally cleaned will insure the life of the flooring accessory and keep your family comfortable and healthy.

Let the professionals at Premium Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning give you a free estimate today on the care of your area rugs. For more information on the services we offer and how our PremiumPRO can help improve your carpets or furniture with a professional clean, call us at 970-482-2350 or visit us at




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