How Did that Happen? Soil Filtration Lines, those Black Marks on Otherwise Healthy Carpet

Let’s face it, black lines on anything are never attractive. Whether it is a stray printing mark on a perfectly structured portion of text, a mascara smudge under the eye after a long day, or your child’s attempt to measure his/her own height using a Sharpie and your family room wall, the resulting feeling of glaring imperfection and frustration is the same despite the variety of the circumstance.  Your carpet is no exception to this rule and since it is often the first thing that family members and guests see, it can be an even larger source of discomfort when random marks appear.

No matter how clean your carpet may be or how meticulous you are about its care, soil filtration lines can happen. Occurring more often in colder climates, these bands of soil are normally found along walls, under doors that have been kept closed for an extended period of time, and the skirting of furniture, to name just a few possible locations.  The problem is that this is not just dirt collecting near hard surfaces but rather a compilation of oily soil molecules that are extremely small, making them difficult to remove. To make matters worse, they have also become electrically charged, effectively bonding them to the carpet fibers. Thus, getting rid of these lines can be difficult to say the least due to their location and stubbornness of the molecules. Moreover, the longer home or business owners wait to address the issue, the more difficult it becomes to remove the soil since it continues to build-up.

Soil filtration lines can occur no matter the type of home, business, or facility; what matters is the indoor air quality and its construction. As air is heated, it rises, carrying with it and collecting pollutants. The warm air then seeks out cooler surfaces such as an outside wall or colder room. As it moves toward the cooler surfaces, it will push its way through (under doors) and “clean itself”. The carpet acts as a filter for this polluted air and the result is a build up these oily soils on your carpet.

Alas, what is a home or business owner to do? Keeping the furnace off during the cold winter months is not an option and neither is leaving unattractive, downright unpleasant looking marks on otherwise perfectly good, healthy carpeting. While removing the stains may be difficult, it can be achieved with professional products and an expert cleaning plan of action that includes a pretreatment. This is an aggressive soiling that warrants an equally aggressive cleaning procedure.


Let the well-trained experts at Premium conquer your soil filtration lines before winter! Remember, one key to insure the longevity and health of your carpeted surfaces is consistent, professional cleaning. Have the PremiumPROs come out today for a free estimate and start the upcoming fall season off right by not adding to your existing filtration line problem.    

For more information on the services we offer and how our PremiumPRO can help improve your carpets or furniture with a professional clean, call us at 970-482-2350 or visit us at


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