Why Clean your Upholstery?

Having your upholstery professionally cleaned regularly may be even more important than having your carpets cleaned regularly.

Think about it: You probably spend more time close to your upholstery than you do the carpet. That means you shed hair, oil, and skin cells in higher quantities onto your upholstery. Dust mites feed on shed skin cells, and other tiny critters may be attracted to your upholstery as well.

You may be one of millions of Americans that consumes meals and snacks in front of the television. If this is so, then you can add food particles to the growing concoction being slowly ground into your upholstery. Food particles can attract bacteria.

If you have pets, you may be in the habit of vacuuming your upholstery regularly. Vacuuming helps, but may not remove all of what your beloved pet may bring in on its fur and paws.

And if you have children, your upholstery may face spills, stains, and any number of other stressors. Let’s face it: life is sometimes hard on the furniture!

Regular professional upholstery cleaning can keep your upholstery looking great, may extend the life of your furniture, and can help keep your family and home happy and healthy.

Premium Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is committed to excellence. We strive to remain experts in our field, and to provide service that is head and shoulders above our competitors.

Visit our website at http://www.premiumcarpetandupholstery.com or call us at (970) 482-2350.


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